how wicked…

I’ve been desperately reading all the fluff I can before school claims all of my reading mind:

a few non-marples worked their way in, sure*

I’m not sure why murder mysteries are so entertaining, but there must be a reason. As the great observer of human nature Miss Marple says, people behave exactly how you would expect. So maybe my enjoyment of portrayals of English country life in the ’30s through ’50s is not so unexpected, especially if the murders are kind of incidental.

I happened to become addicted to the televised Marples (starring Geraldine McEwan and then Julia McKenzie) before reading any of the books, but thanks to my terrible memory for details, very few of the endings were ruined when I got around to it. And The Tuesday Club Murders, which I would say is my favorite, didn’t make the cut to the teevee. That one particularly is about a frail old lady showing up the young people with her knowledge of human nature. Like, a dozen times. And about the landed gentry complaining about socialized medicine and the income tax, of course.

I know that in books it is always the most unlikely person. But I never find that rule applies in real life. There it is so often the obvious that is true.

– Miss Marple, Murder at the Vicarage

I think by far my favorite Geraldine McEwan moment comes in Murder at the Vicarage, when, as she’s tying together the strands of the murder plot, she remarks “how clever!” and then, with a very dark turn of countenance, “how wicked…“.



*Readers, fear not: Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale will get its own blog post in the near future.


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