solo bike camping

I went solo bike camping in recent history, and I took some crappy photos with my ipod, so I figure I will mark my return to blogging with my outdoorsman exploits. Enjoy!

here is my pack mule all loaded up with survival gear, like a white hoodie

steeper than it looks trust me

here is the secret entrance to my camp site, covered in blackberries

tired me

i just ended a 35 mile ride by clambering up and down gravel paths to my campsite so yes, my chin disappears into my neck when i’m that tired

keine feuer

sadly, it had rained that morning and my fire-making skills, though substantial, do not include making wet wood burn

smaller on the inside

home sweet tiny home for the night

I was at Afton State Park, which is pretty beautiful and full of hike-in camp sites. Also full of baby turkeys and blackberries, making it a pretty delicious spot for being out in nature, theoretically. I’m not confident enough about my berry identification skills to actually eat any of them, and I wasn’t hungry enough to eat an adorable baby turkey.

In the end, it wasn’t as much of a solitary retreat as I was expecting, because there were lots of Minnesota friendlies camping out there, and other folks on the bike trails (guh, humans!). I think I’ve definitely gone longer without talking to anyone while in a populous city… So my quest for a real live silent retreat is yet to be fulfilled. Maybe I’ve just got to bike further afield.

That said, it was still fun to go alone camping for the first time. I should probably go alone bike touring next.


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