the great lily massacre of 2011

dead leaves on the dirty ground... minus the dirty ground part

So I did not think to protect my peace lilies in the move to the new apartment. For anyone who’s curious, 20 minutes travel time outside when it’s 3 degrees is indeed enough to kill your houseplant leaves. I had revived them so well just a month ago! Hopefully it’s not all for naught, and they return happier than ever. Stay tuned.

sad. just sad.

That was the only sad part of my move last weekend, however! The new place is great, and will grace this blog with pictures in the near future. This time around I am aiming to beat my previous record of staying in the same apartment for 17 months. Because as much as I apparently dig moving, it’s nice to have found a place that could work for– gasp– 18 months or more. Maybe I will start hoarding things, like rats or garbage, thus increasing the potential cost of moving and driving down the likelihood of that seeming like a good option…


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