ennui to cakecakecake in six minutes

Maybe the snow is getting you down, or maybe you’ve been too busy to cook something delicious and your mouth says ‘ho hum’ when it’s food time. Or maybe you’re perfectly satisfied with your life. Either way, I am recommending this vegan chocolate cake to you. Strongly recommending.

The innovation here is that you mix all of the ingredients in your cake tin, so you have no dirty bowl to clean and (if you mix with a fork, lick off the batter, and save it to eat the finished product– which you should) no dirty utensils to clean.

This is an issue I care passionately about. Breaking down barriers of all kinds, but especially barriers to eating cake.


cider vinegar is the secret ingredient. you are warned: don't tell me secrets.

circa 60 minutes after the cake came out of the oven.

I will end with a joke: what’s the opposite of ennui?



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