you make me feel, you make me feel

I can’t remember the last time I went three days without showering, but this is happening. Minneapolis has made me a natural woman, in a manner of speaking. In that manner of speaking which is referring to grease.

But I can totally go three days now that I don’t use shampoo/conditioner and hair product! They’ve all been replaced with baking soda and vinegar, a la this video tutorial on DIY shampooing. It’s so simple: dilute 1T baking soda in 1c water for a shampoo rinse, and 1T apple cider vinegar in 1c water for a conditioning rinse. I’ve put both of those mixtures in old soap dispensers for ease of squirting it on my head, and I use something less than 1/4c of each on my head every shower. Fun fact: the vinegar seals your hair follicles!

Take it from me that it works. Especially if you are going for the greaseball look. No, I jest. You may look like a greaseball on the third day: I don’t know, ask my coworkers. You will look perfectly normal on days one and two. And I’m not just doing it because I’m living in poverty (although have you noticed how expensive shampoo is these days?), although that too is a good reason. (Who is going to berate me for looking like a greaseball if I say I’m too poor to shower? Not even the least among ye.) Nope, I’m just doing it because it makes my hair prettier than shampoo does.

Can I get some testimonials?


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