minter wonderland


good biking snow on my ride home

Sorry dear readers, I took a longer blog vacation than I meant to! During which time, I went on a real vacation over the holidays to visit my brother in Denver and my family in Custer. Both of those places sound cold, but they were tropical compared to Minneapolis. Open-coat-weather tropical. No-hat-weather tropical.

Then I came back and have so far convinced myself that weathering the Minnesotan winters is part of what makes living here fun. We get to impress people by saying things like ‘Eh, it’s not too bad’ when the temperature is still above 0 F. Plus, biking in the snow is pretty fun. It’s peaceful, and there’s a pleasant crunching sound of tires on fresh snow. Not to say traveling on the snow-pile-narrowed roads with cars is equally pleasant.


blurry illuminations of downtown over the purple bike bridge

I can’t imagine how much fun I’ll have when the roads are dry again. Meanwhile, Winty Wonder and I are doing alright for ourselves!


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