I have been reading more webcomics lately, and since they’re amusing and on the interwebs, I figure I should alert my readers:

Hark, a vagrant by Kate Beaton is brilliantly executed, with some of the best comic timing I’ve ever read. If you think it doesn’t make sense to talk about ‘timing’ regarding a written art form, then you have not read her comic yet, and I will wait here until you do. Mostly she does funny stuff concerning notable figures from history and literature. It will make you wikipedia a lot of things that you think you should probably have known. Here is her retelling of Dracula, here is some Santa pre-game, and here is a reflection on Jane Austen mania, just to get you started.

I also started reading Goodbye Chains, which is a Western serial that’s easy on the eyes.

Okay, will create more ad hoc alerts as I come across more niceties. Do stay tuned.


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