all of those special days

Chances are, you were not aware that World Statistics Day was last Wednesday. I didn’t find this out until a few days after World Statistics Day. Imagine how I felt. So many missed opportunities for a ‘Happy World Statistics Day!’ greeting. That and knowing in my heart that, today, the UN looked upon data people and their ilk like me with a kind eye. Well, I’ve decided that that was the last UN observance that I would let slip by without my knowing about it. So I made a Google calendar with email alerts one week prior to every observance (ample time for party-planning and costume-making)– observed days only, weeks possibly soon if I get around to it. It’s public, so anyone can subscribe to it and receive the same notification.

Find the calendar here. Click on the + in the bottom right-hand corner to add the calendar. And then never miss World Migratory Bird Day (May 9th) or World Television Day (November 21) again.


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