favorite miliband brother?

I assume everyone has been following the UK Labour Party’s conference as closely as I have, which leads to just one question: which Miliband brother is your favorite? My heart says David (he’s a fine-looking man, and his partner is a violinist), my head says Ed (if he really is as progressive as he sounds), but seriously, this is a match between two guys nicknamed, respectively, ‘Brains’ and ‘Red Ed’. How can I pick between my two favorite qualities? Smarts and commie-ness.

Of course, my opinion doesn’t matter officially, and Ed Miliband is replacing Gordon Brown as head of the party. The world waits will baited breath for David’s announcement of whether he will serve in his brother’s shadow (i.e. ‘minority’, but cooler-sounding) government. Will he? Won’t he? The suspense!

I think you should go take a look at this gallery.


Update!: David decided against putting his name in for his brother’s government, and he did so in a slightly ridiculous shirt, seen here. Get your sartorial observations here first, people.


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