back to regular programming

I guess I’ve had a lot of settling in to do, even after getting my room set up and finding Gertie. But I’m back on air. And what better way than with camping pics? My new housies and I went to Beaver Creek State Park the other weekend to see the bluffs, have a campfire, and eat loads of roasted marshmallows and smores.

climbing on rocks

not falling off a bluff, thanks to my amazing stabilizer2000 hands

poke-poking the campfire. it helps.

It was a hoot. It was also my inaugural wearing of flannels and long underwear for the season.

Speaking of long underwear, it is also a component of the best bicycling outfit on the planet, consisting of a long underwear base with long shorts and, if it’s real cold, wool knee-highs. It may look funny, but I am so not laughing.


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