bike-ity bike-ity

I bought a bike! She’s my new commuter bike, as I will necessarily be biking to work in this, the most bike-friendly city in the US.

meet gertie

I will also be getting my old cruiser, Nellie, back from the sis, so I’ll have a more comfortable tooling-around-the-city-at-even-slower-speeds bike (“even slower” because I don’t go that fast on Gertie, either– I bike like I drive, i.e. like a grandma in a Buick). I would call her color pistachio except for the fact that pistachios are tan, not green, and come to think of it, it’s a little gross that pistachio pudding and ice cream and whatnot is colored green. Why The Face? Also, Gertie is French, so no jokes about frogs, okay?

Did you know that in a certain knowing country (Australia), it was picnic day yesterday? And yesterday I happened to take Gertie on a picnic over to Lake of the Isles. I also happened to notice that Lake of the Isles would be a great canoeing location, which is stored away for the next time I can get someone to canoe with me.

Biking is fun!


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