i moved

The theme of this past week has been ‘packing and carrying boxes’. I think I am 95% done unpacking boxes into my new apartment, which is a big relief.

Unfortunately, I could not take the kitters to my new apartment– but the good news is she went to a friend’s home in Chicago with two other cat friends and backyard time.

i'm missing her big, fuzzy head, but she went to a better place (not *that* better place)

the last happy hour with claire involved sangria on tap and all of the greasy foods on the menu

my last day at spencer involved chocolate cupcakes with chocolate and orange frosting

Then I moved over the weekend. I do not have pictures of that because moving is generally not something you want to remember. But it wasn’t that bad! I drove my 10-footer to Madison on Sunday, overnighted at Frank and Margo’s place, and then finished up my epic journey to Minneapolis on Monday. And now, a mere few days removed from loading all of my stuff into the new place, I’m pretty much all set up.

reading nook and staying-warm-in-winter-whilst-reading nook

sleeping nook and reading-in-bed-before-nightynight nook

no more kitty reading companionship, but i guess now i can read all of the words on the page


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