col. mustard in the conservatory with the candlestick

For the past couple months, the theme of many of my activities could be described as ‘things I should do before I leave Chicago’. Having a moving date (Sunday!) adds a certain urgency to one’s remaining time in a locale, I’ve always found.

So earlier this week, Annie took me to her favorite spot in Chicago, the Garfield Park Conservatory. I rode the green line for perhaps the first time. Extremely green pictures follow:

the palm room was like palm sunday except i didn't take home a palm as a souvenir

little turtles hanging out in the pond put the fern room's awesome quotient off the charts

i get excited whenever i see happytrees (forgive me for not knowing the latin name), since i had one in college; mine was admittedly a little less sprightly than these

i was tempted to buy this plant's baby in the gift shop and turn my new apartment into a jungle; then i remembered i'm on a buying-things moratorium until after my move

The day before, Claire and I did the screen printing that we had been meaning to do for a while. She documented the whole experience on her own fabulous blog. Seriously, go have a look. You’ll be impressed. Cat pictures gratis. Lots of posts about books gratis. I know you all like books.

Update: As per Commenter #1’s request, here is a senior portrait-esque pic of me at the conservatory. Good thing Annie caught me being my candid self by the sunflowers!

that beaming face makes even the sunflower look moody


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