didn’t tippecanoe

Good thing, too, because the Chicago River is not suitable for swimming. It is very suitable for canoeing, though! Annie and I went on a 3-hr, 7.5-mile jaunt through Chicago this past weekend, and ended up with tired arms, lots of self-congratulation, and no bacterial poisoning.

with fresh arms in the 'nature' portion of the trip. gorgeous day for it!

entering the chicago canyon (the tall building is the sears, er, willis tower). our tripmates were all in kayaks, while we were in the cadillac of personal water transport.

the full glory of downtown chicago, as captured on my ipod. in this part of the trip, we were dodging water taxis and behemoth sightseeing ships. we were the little canoe that could.

As it got darker, we entered a more industrial part of the city just south of downtown, the soundtrack to which was screeching freight trains, for longer than seemed possible. It was a little eery, but still lovely in its own way.

Go J-stroke!


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