jenny bueller’s day off

the metaphorical open road became literal this week as i played work hooky with my buddy annie. it was a gorgeous afternoon.

first we went to her daughter's 7th grade honors assembly to support the cause. annie had to hold me back from the wildly attractive middle school teachers. it was shameful.

then we went to the zoo. of all of the animals we saw, i'm showing you the absolute cutest. but everyone knows meerkats are adorable. that's why they're on primetime.

there's an amazing park next to the zoo, with a statue of my favorite german author of the sturm und drang period, schiller, looking every bit as stately as he is in my dreams.

and then, the main attraction of the day: canoeing on the chicago river. i have some work to do steering the canoe in a straight line and avoiding trees (yes, we managed to collide with trees in a canoe). this was a test run for our full-on canoe trip on sunday.

The day ended, as every day ought to, with eats and beers in the stimulating company of a bunch of smart ladies.


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