bandit pickles and screen printed t-shirts

Finally made the plunge to ferment my own pickles, after the insouciance of a friend’s email convinced me that it would probably work, however risky it looks and however many conflicting recipes I read telling me to do it just so. Now, I just started them yesterday, and they’ll take a few days, so I can’t claim success yet. But they’re starting to bubble, and they look alright.

they're wearing nylon hats, yes.

Fermented pickles are cool, though, because you just stick them in salt water (about 2T salt to 3c water), along with aromatics like dill and peppercorns, and let them sit for a few days or a week on your counter. The only trick, as far as I can tell, is making sure the cucumbers stay submerged, or they’ll go moldy. A lot of recipes say put a plate or a plastic lid inside your container and weight it with a jar or something, or else fill a plastic sandwich bag with some of the brine to set in the mouth of the jar. I didn’t have any of that on hand, so I made baggies out of plastic wrap and a twist tie. Then you should cover the jars with cheesecloth to keep away bugs and whatnot. Especially if you live in a barn. I was cutting up some nylons anyway, so I decided to give my jars nylon hats. These pickles are going to be criminally delicious! Yeah!

In other homemaker news, I got the screen printing itch this week, so I bought a couple of cheap t-shirts, some fabric ink, and a screen, and went at it. I cut my designs out of some pieces of regular old office paper (thanks, Spencer). Cheap! Then you just dollop some ink on your screen and scrape it about with a rubber spatula. Hide your plain t-shirts from me: this could get addicting.

quiet action shot, pre-ink

this one is entitled, can't see the forest for the woman

this one does not have a catchy title, but i still like it


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