the world is dead to me

… replaced with the Internet! It’s what every dystopian novel has predicted! Okay, maybe it’s hyperbolic to say the world is dead. But certainly shopping for things that are annoying to shop for in the flesh is dead (like kitty litter and eyeglasses and shoes). Other things (like sammiches and world peace, for instance) are not convenient/ not yet available for online purchase. Baby steps toward dystopia.

Buying cheapo eyeglasses online has become a bit of an obsession with me recently (but I’m going to stop! honest!). I read about it in one of the many East Coast, latte-sipping, high-brow periodicals that I peruse periodically, which convinced me that the shady-looking websites were legit. So far I’ve tried two: and Zenni takes the prize, in my experience, for crazy fast turnover (2 weeks or less) and nauseatingly low prices (lots of frames are $10, including standard lenses with UV protection). Now, yes, they do look as cheap as they are, and yes, you are very much benefiting from our current neoliberal economic dystopia by exploiting the fact that Chinese labor and materials are so cheap relative to our privileged living standards… but your vision is corrected. Besides, we’re all cogs in the wheel of neoliberalism far more than we realize. Baby steps toward overthrowing economic hegemony.

On that note, pictures!

from zenni optical

from eyebuydirect

kitters is too cuddly to be a neoliberal cog


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