i’ll meet you in diabetesland

I’ve lately discovered the joy of having cake on hand; namely, that of eating cake every day. Some people might protest that this is a bit opulent, refined sugar will rot your innards, etc, but I suspect that those people are just cranky because they haven’t had cake in a while. Specifically buttermilk cake with lemon cream cheese frosting. I’ve been making cupcakes because a) it’s the perfect portion size (eat one to be proper, two if very famished) and b) my cake recipe leaves a generous batter remainder after filling 12 cupcake cups, which I put in a loaf pan and bake as a giant rectangle cupcake (and as we all know, tastiness is proportionate to size, hence the excitement over a giant loaf cupcake).

even the peace lilly is interested

english breakfast tea + one (1) cupcake = proper

In other baking news, I was perusing my Bittman cookbook (as you do), and came across a recipe for ‘marinara pizza’, which completely blew my mind. I’ve made pizza with just olive oil and no tomatoes, I’ve made it with sliced tomatoes and a bit of olive oil, and I’ve made it with tomato sauce and cheese… but never tomato sauce and no cheese! And yet how often do you have fresh tomatoes and cheese lying around? If you’re like me, the answer to that is ‘oh about once a fortnight’; and yet I always have a can of tomatoes on hand. Yesterday being one of those 13 days in the fortnight that I didn’t have a fresh tomato or cheese lying around, I happily made me some marinara pizza, which was delicious.

pre-oven photoshoot

post-oven, mid-eating photoshoot. om nom.

It’s a simple sauce with plenty of onion, garlic, and salt and pepper. That goes on the crust, along with a generous puddle of olive oil and a sprinkling of capers. Voila! I’m never ever going to tire of pizza.


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