gender posting continues

I watched a delightful rom com the other night (how often can a person say that?), which, according to Metacritic, received mixed or average reviews. But even the glowing reviews were glowing for all of the wrong reasons. It seems that nobody actually understood the import of this gender juggernaut. Perhaps if they had been reading Judith Butler…

You can tell from the loquacious pink skirt that we’re in the early ’60s. Barbara writes a bestselling book with a novel idea for achieving gender equality, in which women give up love (to be replaced with chocolate– does that actually work? Inquiring minds want to know), focus on their careers, and eventually achieve the ability to have emotionless sex to match that tritest stereotype of men. Her foil is a journalist who embodies all of those male stereotypes. It’s a fairly standard battle of the sexes UNTIL Barbara reveals a hidden motive, which sets into motion a series of plot twists that effectively abolish binary gender. You heard it here first.

Also, the acting is spot on, including a performance by David Hyde Pierce that displays quite a comedic genius. Don’t pretend you didn’t all watch Frasier and love it.

Speaking of abolishing gender, cats don’t have any gender to abolish:

kittun is looking appropriately guilty for wanting me to fail the graduate record examination


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