i’m a boring statistic

So I did not realize the Census was so stripped-down-to-the-essentials and boring. I thought it would be more like the American Community Survey or the Current Population Survey. (If the federal government is reading this: Pick me! Pick me!) At least I got to be Person 1, which is some consolation. Unfortunately, there’s no Person 2 who I can lord it over (cats aren’t counted in the Census… yet).

you're welcome

In more exciting news, I’m over-abundantly proud of the teeny tiny lesson plan I came up with using comics to teach verb tense. It makes sense, right? So the plan is to explain how it makes sense, then go through some sentences, correcting the verb tenses so that they make sense (i.e. match up with the comic). That has to take five minutes or less. Click on the teeny tiny image of my worksheet to make it grow:

And yes, reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is rekindling my dormant interest in comic books. I discovered that the library has a whole section devoted to them! I feel like a 10 year old boy!


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