time after time

Can it be that the best pithy phrase-as-blog-post-title I can think of comes from Cyndi Lauper? Well, it’s been a long week.*

Did everyone see this NPR piece from last month? Apparently, if time felt like it flew by, we assume we were doing something fun (which is rather putting the horse before the cart, as far as idioms go). Researchers concluded this by given a bunch of students a 10 task, but told half that they only worked for 5 minutes and told the other half that they worked for 20. Those who thought they worked for 20 minutes (which felt mysteriously more like 10) reported that the task was super fun– not so for those who thought they worked 5 minutes. Listen to the whole story for other fascinating tests of this sort.

As per usual, Dickens is here to knock some sense into us (from NN, Ch 43):

“Notwithstanding all that has been said and sung to the contrary, there is no well-established case of morning having either deferred or hastened its approach by the term of an hour or so for the mere gratification of a splenetic feeling against some unoffending lover; the sun having, in the discharge of his public duty, as the books of precedent report, invariably risen according to the almanacks, and without suffering himself to be swayed by any private considerations.”

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*I like Cyndi Lauper.


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