can a girl get some portable property

This is great Saturday morning music. Don’t bring me poses, when it’s shoes I need!

As it happens, Tough Mary and Mr. Wemmick of Great Expectations seem to be of the same mind on the importance of portable property, whether shoes or rings:

Pip learns that the lawyer’s clerk Mr. Wemmick received a sizable mourning ring from a client the day before said client was hanged, and

“[…] the thought crossed my mind that all his personal jewellery was derived from like sources. As he had shown no diffidence on the subject, I ventured on the liberty of asking him the question, when he stood before me, dusting his hands.

“‘Oh yes,’ he returned, ‘these are all gifts of that kind. One brings another, you see; that’s the way of it. I always take ’em. They’re curiosities. And they’re property. They may not be worth much, but, after all, they’re property and portable. It don’t signify to you with your brilliant lookout, but as to myself, my guiding-star always is, ‘Get hold of portable property.'” (Volume II, Chapter 5)

What can we say? It’s the way of the world.


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