i met new york city

In fact, I spent nearly a week there, so I’m practically a New Yorker now. Unfortunately, I don’t take a good photographic record of trips, so I have but three pictures to share with you (if you want, you can google image ‘new york’ and chances are I saw whatever comes up):


what a gorgeous bagel-- just look at the complexity of the color!


squiggy getting a good old fashioned chin rub


sadie politely sitting next to me on the couch

I saw two cats, three college pals, a college-pal-in-law (future), and a whole city (oh, and Delawhere). We went to the Tenement Museum, and I went to the MOMA, for a healthy dose of culture. As my vacation was winding down, I even had a working meeting out there (as we collaborate with a NY-based foundation). It was good times. It would have been better blogging if I took more pictures…


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