you should start making cali rolls

Buy yourself a bamboo rolling mat, some rice vinegar, wasabi, and nori sheets, and away you go! Will a picture convince you? I ate this last night:

yes, that tea cup contains soy sauce (and wasabi)

yes, that tea cup contains soy sauce (and wasabi)

I actually really dig the sushi recipes/ how-to from this site, and have had no need to go exploring elsewhere. I mean, sweet potato and peanut sushi?! There’s no resisting that. As you can see, I stuck to the avacado and cucumber combo last night, which is likewise delicious. But I can imagine you could throw just about any julienned veggie on there that you have sitting around. Green beans? Green onions? Carrots? Mushrooms?

Skip the chopsticks and eat them with your fingers, with soy sauce dripping down your chin. Get the whole body experience.

And since you’re on that website looking at sushi ideas, you may as well know that the recipe for the best chocolate cookies on god’s green earth is just a skip away. I find that the chocolate chips are superfluous here, but far be it from me to stop you.


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