ripple ripple ripple!

So yesterday, Oprah, in all of her awesomeness, blocked off six blocks of Michigan Ave outside my office building for her street party, I mean season opener. They had the giant stage, the jumbotrons, the secured entrances, the porta-potties. They also had the dance music to entertain the masses as they wait for the taping of the actual show at 5. My whole office was entranced by the dance lessons given to the crowd, including the move The Ripple, which was being prompted by a dude onstage yelling ‘ripple, ripple, ripple!’. They were pretty sychronized, and it looked pretty cool from 16 stories high, I’m not gonna lie.


maybe you had to be there...

I love that Oprah controlls this city! How can you not love that?

As an unrelated sidenote, I can’t not link to this article from today’s Times that runs through some of the major findings of Crossing the Finish Line, which hit stores today, causing massive runs on the Barnes & Noble and Borders establishments around the country. Seriously.


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