tuesday is the new saturday

In honor of the visit of my old college rumi, I took today off from work. It was a pretty awesome day in general, and in particular a pretty awesome day for victuals. It began with a lovely brunch at the best brunch place in Chicago, M. Henry. Later we visited the farmers market downtown for salad + pizza ingredients: pretty heirloom tomatoes, a purple sweet pepper, a skinny eggplant, sweet onions, basil, and romaine. They turned into a pretty fabulous dinner tonight. Here’s my rumi involved in pizza preparations:

chop chop chopping basil

chop chop chopping basil in my worldly kitchen

Here’s the finished spread:



And here’s dessert, freshly made strawberry ice cream:

double yummmm

double yummmm

Now that I’ve tried another flavor of ice cream, I have to say that adding fruit puree really makes a creamy product. It turned out more like the ice cream that people who know what they’re doing make. You know? Yeah. Mint is delicious; strawberry is delicious and extremely creamy. Next I’m going to go on a fruit ice cream kick, I think.

By the way, does everyone know that it’s super easy to make pizza crust? 3 c. flour, 2 t. yeast, 2 t. salt, 3 T. or so olive oil, and then enough water to make a dough. Easy and delicious!


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