the rain gods smiled upon me

Get ready for one of those stories that screams ‘I need a blog so I can write about exactly this kind of thing happening to me’:

So I was out about town buying fabric this afternoon, when an unexpected deluge of rain started coming down on the train ride home (thanks for nothing,– ‘no rain until this evening’ my foot). Not only was I caught without an umbrella, but my apartment isn’t exactly waterproof (as many of you know). Specifically, heavy downpours can trickle in through the bathroom exhaust fan. Also, all of my windows were open, one with a fan in it positioned above my power strip. So naturally I had visions of a flooded bathroom and an electrical fire blazing away.

But when I bounded in, I found an unburned apartment and a dry bathroom! And here’s where it gets good. I bound over to get my bucket from the kitchen to catch the eventual trickle, and not two seconds after I strategically place it under the fan, the first drop plops into the bucket. Seriously folks. That screams divine intervention. Take a look at this action shot:

mm, roof juice

mm, roof juice

Here’s where we stand after Round One:

round one

the washcloth is to dull the sound of the drips. does it work? not very well.

More rain this evening, but I’ve got plenty of room in my bucket.

Also, I really do have quite a nice apartment. Just apart from this one failing.


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