uma thurman, aka mommy

I am officially on a Tarantino kick. That’s a bit odd, considering I was pretty sure all of his movies were crap until just a few months ago. I had seen parts of Reservoir Dogs years ago and decided there was no chance I was going to sit through the whole thing. Then I did sit through the whole thing. As Saul became Paul, so I became… well, at least open-minded about Tarantino.

Plus, I am making up for so much pop cultural capital that I’ve neglected up ’til now. I’ve finally seen not only Reservoir Dogs, but Pulp Fiction, True Romance, and now the Kill Bill duology (it’s a word because Wiktionary says it’s a word). The scary thing is I’ve liked them all, even if I didn’t like watching every scene. You know, the eyes-being-ripped-out, the being-buried-alive, the various-body-parts-being-cut-off. It’s just not nice. Despite that, he seems to say in each of these movies that humans are basically good. In the midst of all of the blood and violence, he hits upon the humanity of his protagonists in a really touching way. (I realize that’s a very floofy reason for being a Tarantino fan.) True Romance does this, of course, in the relationship between Alabama and Clarence. And Uma Thurman in Kill Bill is amazing for showing the humanity of her character. Et cetera.

Anyone else dig the humanity in Tarantino films? Or is it just me?


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