too hot for cupcakes

So hot that all the kitters and I could do was gaze out the window:

red car, kitty ear, red car

red car, kitty ear, red car

Also this weekend I watched some American Experience programming (PBS) on what white people did to the Native Americans, and, with 2 of 5 parts down, already I hate my race. (That said, it’s a really good series, and everyone should watch it!)

What’s not depressing is this amazing, giant book I’m about halfway into– Babel Tower by A.S. Byatt. It’s amazingly good. I’m going to write the most giant blog post about it when I’m finished. It’s made me realize that the story of the tower of Babel is the single best metaphor ever. Ever. Besides the movie Babel (2006), anyone know of any other Babel-related books or movies or music I should get my hands on? Don’t say the Bible.


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