more ruffles

I finally finished the shirt I’ve been working on very intermittently for a couple months. It’s the same ruffly shirt that I made last summer, too, but I obviously can’t get enough of it:

sewedThe ruffles, by the way, are extremely putzy. I’ve made the shirt a couple times without them, but they turned out bad, and I blame the lack of ruffles. A long time ago I bought three different kinds of (awesome, if I say so myself) fabric to make more of these shirts this summer– one down, two more to go!

I’m going to throw in another kitters appearance, too:

this is kitters trying to stay cool

this is kitters trying to stay cool while I sew sleeves

It was hot today, and as you can see, I have open windows rather than an AC to keep cool. It’s actually quite nice to soak up the warmth over the weekend, though, because my office building is located in Antarctica (it at least replicates that climate throughout the summer months). Thus, I’m forced to drink lots of warming liquids (i.e. tea) from 9 to 5 (okay– ‘ish’) during the workweek, which feels disrespectful toward Summer. The things I put up with in my job…


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