green is not mint ice cream’s god-given color

We can establish that much (see the photo). But here’s a dilemma: we all know that taking your spoon to the gallon tub of ice cream is not a good idea, but what if it’s homemade ice cream? Then it’s heart-healthy or something, right?

see? not green

see? not green

Whether or not it was a good idea, it was a good idea (if you know what I mean) to dig into ice cream tonight– it’s hot in Chicago on the 4th floor!

Speaking of Mark Bittman, if you’re at all a fan of ice cream, I really suggest you invest in a $20 electric ice cream maker and use Bittman’s cornstarch ice cream recipes. I’ve never made the real stuff with eggs, but the times I’ve made the cornstarch-thickened variety have ended in a delicious way. Also it’s super easy. Also there’s a bazillion different flavoring possibilities (even if I keep making mint).


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